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36' x 36' Gable Style Barn Plans

44' x 36' Monitor Style Barn / Shop Plans

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Barn Plans
Barn Plans

44' width x 36' length Monitor Style
Barn / Shop Plans

Price: $70.00

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Large Size Sheets!

Nine 18" x 24" Sheets, with details of Typical Elevations, Specifications/Details, Post Locations, Roof Framing, Floor Plan, and much more.

With a flexible floor plan and plenty of space for up to six horses, this 44' width x 36' length Monitor style pole barn / shop satisfies the needs of both horse and human alike. The plans for this barn / shop allow for maximum flexibility in the arrangement of stalls, tack room, wash rack, dutch doors, etc. How about four stalls, a tack room, and a wash rack? Maybe five stalls and a tack room. If you would like your barn / shop to have maximum efficiency for daily chores, how about a 12' x 12' feed and blanket storage area? The possibilities are all based upon each area being 12' x 12' in size, with any arrangement of the interior spaces that you prefer. These barn / shop plans are very versatile.

The overhead door is 14' high x 16' wide, with a 20' aisle width.

The plans detail a 44 ' x 36' barn / shop, but it's design allows lengths of 24', 36', 48', 60' - it's up to you!

"This is a very cool barn/shop combination. I was able to satisfy all the needs of our farm in just one building, instead of two or more separate structures." - W.S., Boise, Idaho


  • Typical Elevations
  • Specifications/Details
  • Post Locations
  • Roof Framing
  • Floor Plan

and much more!

9 Large Sheets Total In The Complete Set

Construction cost
Design standards

Price: $70.00

click here to purchase for
immediate download
(.pdf format)

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